Listener Zach Lost A Lot But Has Gained So Much More

Zach listens to the Dave Ryan Show and really wanted to share with us a major accomplishment in his life.


Hello Dave, Steve and fallen.

 My name is zach. I’m writing to you guys today cause I want to share a journey I went through with you guys. I used to weigh 400 pounds and was in the worse shape of my life. Now I weigh 175 pounds and have successfully lost 225 pounds. I’ve gotten a new lease on life and I haven’t been to a concert since I was 400 pounds. Star party would be a great concert to attend with my new body and lease on life. I lost all the weight using diet and exercise so I know all about working to get what you want, but I’d love 2 tickets if possible. Hope you guys have a great day and keep doing what you do. You guys are the best. Thanks zach.

Zach's before and after pictures are below.

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