If You're With a Guy That's 30+, These Are Things He Must Know How to Do

How to tie a tie

To open doors for their dates.

Watch Internet porn without getting caught.

How to accept the fact that women now have balls!

Drive stick and change a tire.

That doors are for going outside and meeting real people.

Basic maintenance on their automobile. For example: Oil change, brakes, and wipers.

Laundry, cook, iron, clean up after themselves, love.

The difference between their, there, and they're; you're and your; too, to, two; then and than.

 How to make at least 3 great cocktails, 2 great meals

Know when NOT to say something to their girlfriends or wives. It's an art that is never truly mastered.

Have taken your parents out for dinner.

What is this list missing??  Post a comment on the FB article or email it to me, Steveo@KDWB.com

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