Steve-O Wknd in Five Pictures: Warm Weather, Sun, Junk and a Dance

It was a busy but sunny weekend for me that started on Friday afternoon when my wife and I went to Canterbury Park for Junk Bonanza. It's a hoarder/home designers paradise of really cool stuff along with incredibly bizarre. 

Yes! That's a tray of baby doll parts.

Saturday we ended up doing stuff around the house, kids had playdates and it was ramping up to Saturday night when we went to the Dayton Fireman's dance. I, of course, didn't win a THINK in the silent auction but I did take two awesome pictures of myself. The first is of me on the swing outside Cowboy Jacks, that's me doing my best model shot while the second is of me getting my picture taken as a fireman.  

I was dragged out of bed super early on Sunday morning and ended up taking the dogs to the dog park so they could burn some steam and of course, each and every dog park was wet which meant muddy paws. 

Final photo from the weekend is of me that I posted on Instagram and I'll admit that I did it because I'm thirsty for approval. I saw Falen take a similar pic and get tons of validation so DAMNIT, I also deserve some positive validation. 

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