How To Tell Your Kids You're Getting a Divorce

My mom and dad stayed together until they both passed away.  I remember they used to argue though and when I was little, my dad even said something to her about  a divorce. They must have thought I was too young to know what it was, but somehow I did.

I'm glad they stayed together, but as you know, not every couple can make it work.  

Sidenote: I said last week on the show there is nothing admirable about staying in a miserable marriage. People brag, "We've been married 30 years and a lot of it has been hell, but we made a commitment and we're sticking to it."  To me, that's stupid. You don't get a reward or a badge for that. Life is too short. If your marriage is awful, consider if a divorce is the best thing for you both.

I can't imagine telling a kid that you're getting divorced. No matter if they're 6 or 26, it's got to be hard.

Here are some tips from

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