WATCH: Emilia Clarke Gives Hilarious Tour of Game of Thrones Set!

No, Winter isn't coming.

However, we are about to enter full Game of Thrones depression, since a new season should* be about to start... instead we're stuck waiting ONE MORE YEAR. 

It's ok to cry. At least we have Westworld?

Have no fear, Tina is here to help you get through this troubling time with a little GOT pick me up! A set tour from my favorite, your favorite, the world's favorite Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clark. 

So maybe it's not an actual set tour, but still, I feel better, don't you??

Honestly, I'm doubting the timeline of this video anyways, since we've already seen Dani in this coat. While we can all agree, this is a baller coat, I don't think she'll be outfit repeating in the final season. Which leads me to believe this bit was taped LAST season. Everything is a lie.

The funny video is a way to advertise a charity sweepstakes for fans to win a paid trip to the Game of Thrones set and have lunch with Clarke, and then undoubtedly be sworn (and legally bound) to secrecy.

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