Steve-O's Weekend in Five Picture: Stuck Inside Because of the Snow

Before the storm hit Friday afternoon saw this on Friday, not something you see every day. Looks like a truck lost control, hit the median and proceeded to destroy said median in away you never saw coming. 

I'm over the snow. I would have loved this storm if it was December - March (Yes, I can deal with this in March) but we're in April, this is nuts and with the dog outside it means the snow stuck to the pups. We spent most of the day inside and then made out way down the street to go to a neighbors house so the kids could burn off some steam. 

I'm not sure if we got a ridiculous amount of snow compared to everyone else, but we did get large drifts of snow which were packed down at the end of our driveway. The kids used it as materials to build a massive fort and I struggled to get it off our driveway.

In the afternoon we ended up going to a friends house who has snowmobiles and tooled around the yard oh and don't worry, I rolled one but the kids are rockstars and did not.  Sunday night got home and found even more snow.  That's right, MORE SNOW!  Make it stop. 

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