Time to Escape this MN Winter! Check Out these AMAZING Airbnbs!

If you, like me, are sick of this never ending hell hole that is Minnesota winter, then this blog is for you!

I can't take it anymore I tell ya!! I need sun! I need warmth! I need to get the F up outta here! So I've spent this morning searching for the best Airbnb getaways. You want a vacation? I'm here to help!

1. Private Pool House with Amazing Views!

Source: Airbnb

Here you have an entire guest house to yourself in the Hollywood Hills. Yes please!!

So you say hills aren't your thing? How do you feel about the ocean??

2. Ocean View Malibu Hideaway

Source: Airbnb

Imagine this - you wake up & you're not freezing cold. You go outside, because it's not freezing cold. Then you have a coffee outside, while looking at the ocean because that's a thing you can do because again, it's not freezing cold. 

So you're saying you're not feeling California? How about Nashville?

3. East Nashville Cozy & Cute Cottage!

Source: Airbnb

East Nashville = Hipster Nashville. I was in Nashville about a month ago & can personally vouch for how awesome this city is!!

So you're saying Nashville isn't warm enough for you? How's the temp in Florida for you?

4. Front Porch Living in Watercolors Crossing District. 5 Bdrms. Steps to Pool

Source: Airbnb

BEHOLD the picturesque town of Seaside, Florida! Have you ever seen The Truman Show? If you haven't, come on, it's one of the greatest movies ever, what's wrong with you? If you have, then you know how perfect the town of Seahaven Island is. Seahaven Island is, in fact, Seaside & yes, it's perfect. 

So you're saying you're not up for the humidity? Looking for more a dry heat? Ok, ok, I feel that.

5. A Cowboy Hideaway on 5 Acres!

Source: Airbnb

Your thoughts on Tucson, Arizona? How about a secluded dessert hideaway with a pool and Insta worthy scenery??

Yeah me too.

I hope these have inspired you to book a plane ticket immediately, but if they haven't I definitely recommend you wasting a large majority of your day getting lost on Airbnb.com. You definitely wont regret it! 

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