Why You (And I) Should Stop Telling People You're Busy

I can't.  I'm busy.

I'm so busy.

I'm tired of being so busy all the time.

I say all those about 70 times a week.  It IS frustrating to be busy.  People say, "Well, if you're busy, it's your own fault."

That may be, but it's impossible to tell Carson, "I can't go to your concert.  I need a break."  Or tell my wife, "Go to your holiday party by yourself because I'm tired."

Or good luck telling your boss that you're awfully busy and you can't get her the report she wanted when she wanted it.

I think what this article is saying is that it's okay to actually be busy, just stop bitching about it all the time.

Here it is. I'm gonna read it again.

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