Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: Here's What Happened on our Trip to Omaha

Last Thursday my family embarked on a trip to Omaha, Nebraska, a place we've never been too before with high hopes for adventure. The first few hours was by far the longest, southern Minnesota and northern Minnesota are flat and boring enough for you to quit and turn around but as soon as you get to Des Moines there's just something about it. A 90-minute detour was worth it so we could see one of the bridges of Madison County.

We had dinner in Old Market, a really cool factory district of Omaha that does it right and then Friday drove 20 minutes south to Ashland where there's an Airplane and Space Museum that even someone that isn't an aviator nut will love.  Bonus, there's a Wildlife Safari about five minutes from there with everything from Bears and Wolves to Elk.

We were then on our way to the Children's Museum and a historic train station when we were T-Boned. Yup, on vacation, in a car accident. 

Saturday afternoon could've been better but we made do that evening, everyone but the car was okay and we ended up LOVING the Omaha zoo on Saturday.  

Overall a great trip and more on my trip to Omaha on Tuesday including the things we did that you HAVE to do if you take a trip. 

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