The Results of my Ancestry DNA Test!

The results are in!

So for Christmas I asked for an Ancestry DNA test, because why not? My parents have never been 100% sure what our origins are. For example, my Dad has always claimed to be 100% German... My mom has claimed she is German, Norwegian & Scottish and that, my friends, is all I've ever had to go on. I have always agreed that I must be mostly German, if you know me or my parents you would agree, but still, I had to know for sure.

My results came today and they were FASCINATING! 

BEHOLD the map of my origins!  

Turns out I am mostly German.. hahaha and my ancestors definitely came to America from Germany. However, before Germany, we came from a few other places.

The greatest part of all of this is that I am 25% BRITISH!!! I always knew I was a true Brit & honestly this news is the best news I have received in weeks. The Scandinavia part is the Norwegian bit, so I guess we already knew that, but jokes on my Mom, we're only 2% Scottish. 

When we immigrated to America this is where we ended up by the 1900's. So shout out to my Midwestern relatives out there & my East Coast homies!

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