How to Find a Work-Life Balance That Works for Your Family

I'll be honest with you.  

You can't attain a perfect work-life balance.  In fact, you probably can't even attain a good work-life balance.  You've got a job, you've got shopping, you've got friends, you're tired, and there's so much shit to do!

So let's forget about perfect. Maybe even forget about good. Let's just shoot for acceptable.

Whatever you do, it's worth it.  Carson turned 17 this week and I don't want to have any regrets about how much time I'm spending with him. But I also know I can't ignore my job, my other kids or my own physical and mental health. I think he'd rather spend 30 minutes a day with a healthy, financially stable dad, than 3 hours with a rattled, weak, sick, and broke dad.

Here's the article.

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