Dave's Vacation in Ten Photos March 23 - 31


I was in Hawaii with Susan and Carson for a week and of course, it was awesome. I mean, it was Hawaii.

We kept busy enough, but not too busy.  On day one we took a day long excursion to a coffee plantation, to see a black sand beach (complete with sea turtles, above) and to a volcano. I'd never seen a volcano in person and it was pretty amazing!

The volcano is probably a half a mile or more away from us and it was clear enough that day to actually see the lava bursting out of the bottom.  I guess that's pretty rare. VERY cool.

Same day, we saw the most southern located bar in the USA. I always thought Key West was the most southern point in the USA but the Big Island is actually quite a bit further south. Who knew?

Why does Carson look so happy?

This was taken in a very old church where there are paintings depicting scenes from the Bible so people who didn't speak English could still understand some of the stories. Carson doesn't know much about the Bible so I asked him what was going on in this picture.

He said, "Well, obviously, the guy on the left killed the one on the floor and the woman is trying to revive him."

Sure enough, I looked at the title and it's "Cain and Abel."  Cain killed Able and his mother tried to save him.  When I told Carson he was right, he was pretty proud of himself.

This is us at the entrance to an old lava tube.  It's what happens when hot lava flows like a river and part of the lava on top cools, becoming a solid "roof" over the hot lava still flowing underneath. After the hot lava all flows out, it's a tube. 

Did that make any sense at all? I had trouble understanding it too.

Why a picture of paper straws?

There's a growing movement to eliminate plastic straws because plastic never bio-degrades. It only breaks down into smaller pieces, eventually getting small enough to get into plants, food, water, etc.

Some restaurants are doing away with plastic straws, like the coffee shop in Hawaii where I took this picture. It's a noble effort but come on, how much good can it do when we still throw out millions of Walmart bags, Solo cups, plastic utensils, coffee cup caps and WATER BOTTLES which are the worst.

Straws?  Sure, it's something at least.  But it strikes me as "slacktivism" where we find something easy to do and brag about doing something worthwhile.  If you really care, STOP BUYING FUCKING BOTTLED WATER.

Just a candid picture of Carson checking a picture he just took. And the beach, and the waves.

We played a lot of games after dinner. We played Fitzit, Sushi Go and this one, "Coup."  It's simple to learn and one of my favorite games.

I thought it would be fun for Carson and I to play golf together starting this summer. He didn't know how to play so I took him to a driving range and taught him the basics of a swing.  Then he took a lesson and since we only had one day left, we went out on the course to actually play. In case you don't know, there's no way someone should be on a legit golf course with so little experience.

But we went. This is his very first swing ever on a golf course.  He hit it in the water.

His second shot went in the water too.

After that he played from the other side of the water.  He actually bogeyed one par 3, which is pretty good for a new golfer!

Time to go home.

At the Kona airport, they don't have jetways. You walk right out to the plane, which is really strange. I just thought it made a cool picture.

I hope you had a great week! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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