From Dave Ryan Show on FB: Here's What You Need to Know to Truly Be a Woman

Here are some of the great responses for our question, "What You Need to Know to Truly Be a Woman"

How to pay your own rent.

· How to walk gracefully in heels.

· How to walk gracefully in heels while drinking.

· How to change a tire without calling AAA.

· How to punch a man in the face if she is in danger.

· How to drive while putting on eyeliner.

· How to drive while doing your nails.

· When wearing a white dress or white pants to wear nude underwear . . . not white or a color and DEFINITELY not a print.

· Tolerate pain. Cramps, labor, and emotional.

· It’s better to be alone than with the wrong partner.

· Realize that no matter what you look like . . . you deserve a guy who will treat you like a princess.

· Understand that you can’t avoid the bad stuff. But you can be tough enough to face it.

· It’s okay to want and pursue sex.

· Cold water gets blood out of fabric.

· Confidence is sexy. Women should “Stand Like A Man”

· It’s okay to have never read “50 Shades Of Grey.”

· Unpainted but well maintained toe nails . . . can look great.

· Cook a nourishing meal.

· Change a diaper.

· Keep a child entertained for at least ten minutes.

· Read a credit report.

· Obtain birth control and use it effectively.

· Iron Clothing . . . (even if it’s only hers).

· Say “no” convincingly.

· Sew on a button.

· Do certain “man chores” so that men can’t play you like a fool.

· Save money . . . and not rely on a man to provide for her.

· Realize that a skinny waist will never get you the man of your dreams.

· Realize that there will be haters. But there will also be “lovers” too.

· Find balance.

· Realize her self worth

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