Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: That Time A Puking Kid Changed Out Plans

Spoiler: The person puking in my family was my 8 year-old daughter who woke up Saturday morning with an upset tummy that just got worse.  The weekend started just fine, the dogs had been good and Olivia was off school so I thought, "Lets go to the dog park".  

We had a great time at the park, Murray is still afraid of me but he actually followed and stayed with us the entire time.  Of course, dogs parks in the spring are great because you're outside BUT they're also muddy and wet. We of course were also walking and came upon a elderly gent that I was SURE was going to fall on the ice, I offered to help and when he declined I thought, "Keep moving so if he does fall you aren't the one that has to carry him out".  

Friday night Kristy went out with the Girl Scout moms (another bad influence of trouble makers) and Olivia woke up puking. She spent most of Saturday like this and Isaac was stuck at home with a sick sister.

While it may look like I'm out partying this was actually me at a friends birthday party at Park Tavern.  I missed multiple parties but that didn't stop me from falling asleep super early. Sunday we did stuff around the house and we're getting ready for a busy week, that's our life right now, busy weeks and weekends where we have nothing to do but lay around.

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