Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: The Prettiest Pic You've Ever Seen

I'll get to the prettiest picture ever taken on an iPhone at the end. The first picture is my guy Isaac, Kristy and Olivia spent Friday night at the zoo so Isaac and I did what men do when left alone.  Played video games and ate meat.  

Saturday we had the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals at Summit Brewery and it was amazing. A ton of people came out to sign up, met a number of awesome puppies, it was a blast. 

Sunday we took Murray and Charlie to Bubbly Paws in Maple Grove because they were in need of a bath BAD.  Here's Murray being as patient as he could be considering the circumstances.  

Computer problems got me stressed the EFF out!  I'm currently using my wives computer to post this blog.  Problems started the other day, i have a refurbished Macbook Pro and if it's screwed up I'm gonna LOSE IT!  

Finally the prettiest picture ever.  This was taken Friday night at the Minnesota Zoo by my wife.  Our daughters girl scout troop was able to spend the night at the aquarium and they ended up having a blast and my wife took this picture.  No filter necessary to catch this work of art.  :) 

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