Steve-O's Son Created a Car of the Future! Perfect for the TC Auto Show

My six year-old Isaac is a kid that love to create, left along with a tub of legos he'll emerge hours later with a number of unique ideas.  I asked him to sit-down and create the vehicle of the future. I said, "show me what we'll see at the Twin Cities Auto Show in 15-20 years" and this is what he did. 

Vehicle Specs

Monster truck wheels.

Length:  10 feet

Height: 10 feet

Comes with a 30 ft football field, dog park on the roof along with doggy door that allows the dogs to enter and exit the vehicle while on the move.  He also has built in tubes that allow the vehicle to rundown passangers, the tubes will then suck the passangers in to their seat.  

For the driver.  CD/Radio and 30 inch flat screen tv.  Navigation so the driver can sleep and let the jet plane engines drive the vehicle while the passanger sleep.  (The vehicle does not use traditional gas, the power source is still under investigation) 

In the back for the kids:  Trampoline, big screen tv and if they get bored there's a claw machine to keep them occupied.  

Look for this choice ride at the Twin Cities auto show in March 2039!  

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