The Cinderella Diet is a Diet You Should NOT Do!

There’s a new body challenge out there that’s basically a diet where your goal weight is to be as close to Cinderella’s proportions as possible. It’s called The Cinderella Diet, and it might be named after a Disney princess, but there’s nothing magical about it.

The “diet” started last week in Japan, where it was trending on Twitter. The idea is to calculate your Cinderella weight by measuring your height in meters, squaring it, then multiplying it by 18. But apparently, that equates to a body mass index of around 18, which is on the “underweight” side of the BMI scale.

Fortunately, most folks realize that this Cinderella Diet is a bad idea and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist Gina Keatley says they’re right. “This is not a diet but an unrealistic goal for body size/weight that can damage your health,” she explains. “Being underweight is just as bad as being overweight.”


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