Nine Trends You'll See During the 2018 Wedding Season

Wedding season is just a few months away, which means we can get ready for our Instagram feeds to be flooded with weddings and dresses and engagement photos and the whole nine yards. Here are the big things we can expect at weddings in 2018:

Signed Jenga pieces – Guests will each sign a Jenga piece instead of a guestbook.

Hair combs – Brides are getting a little creative with their hair decorations.

Single bouquets – Bouquets that are just a single flower are really hot right now.

Fig cakes – You heard me. Pinterest searches for fig cakes have been huge recently.

Pretzel bars – There will be actual stands so you can grab your own soft pretzels.

Wedding capes – Women are attaching veil-like capes to the backs of their dresses.

Metallic cakes – People are using foil and edible glitter to jazz up their cakes.

High-necked dresses – The high neckline is huge this year.

Edible flowers – Who doesn’t want to eat absolutely everything, right?? Even the flowers.


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