Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: It Sucks to Be a Single Parent Even for a Wknd

I was alone this weekend with two SAVAGES!  An 8 year-old that loves to sing, run wild and is starting to form and attitude and a young man that's 6 years-old that likes to try and boss his big sister around.  This weekend my wife left town to surprise her mom at her surprise birthday party which meant it was just me and he kids and when it's just Kristy and the kid's things are normal but let's all just admit that things go off the rails when it's just dad.  

The weekend started Friday night with a surprise visit from Kevin (seen below after drinking all the beer at Inbound Brewery) who decided to stop by and check on me.  Note to self: An adult friend showing up at 10pm will often just lead to trouble and it did for him since he didn't get up on Saturday until 11am. 

Saturday is when the struggle began and I once again learned why single parents are gods.  It's just a challenge (challenge = giant pain in the a$$, mindnumbing, frustrating) to do stuff with them sometimes because it's just a process.  Case in point, we needed to be at tennis at 3:30 and I told them to start at 1:30 let's get dressed.  Must I do all the work for them to get dressed/keep them on task?  Well, that's what happened and I do my best to not lose my cool but when you're stuck inside because if you go outside you'll lose a thumb it's hard to get away. 

That leads to this gem of a photo.  My wife and I are big on playing good cop/bad cop with the kids and I'll admit that a lot of times on the good cop.  Saturday evening I had to be the bad cop and just to prove to my wife, Kristy that I was I documented Olivia's face after pulling her from the table. 

Sure there were some trying, frustrating moments but as you can see from the picture I took at Menard's there were some fun moments too...I'd actually say more good than bad.  So was it a perfect weekend?  I dunno if I'd say it was perfect but I WOULD say it was pretty great.  

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