Facebook Says Something Good AND Bad About Dave Ryan Show Selfies

New web feature we wanna try. ‘Give Me Your Best And Your Worst’. Based on these selfies by Dave, Falen, and Steve-O, we asked people on Facebook to say something good and bad about our ‘look’.

We were looking for people to compliment but then, of course, we wanted people to RIP on us because that's ALWAYS funny. 

Good: Flawless complexion, perf jawline, stellar hair, adorable nose.Bad: I've got none of that & the salt game is strong bout it.

Good- your teeth are so white and smile is close to perfection! Love the eye lashes! Bad- ok well I don’t love the hair color- I thought the darker color suits you more- But if you like it that’s all that matters not anyone of our opinions!!

Good: Your eyelashes are amazingly long. Bad: I'm super jealous of your eyelashes so now I'm going to buy a $60 tube of serum to make mine look as great as yours.

Facebook Comments about Dave

I want to say he looks like a rugged woodsman explorer with a sexy beard, but he looks more like a D list version of Peter Gallagher with dem brows.

This is a really good picture! But everybody always looks better in black and white

Really good picture, love everything except your hat makes your head shape look weird.

Dave has the potential to be a hot, rugged looking man... but he needs to close his mouth first.

Facebook comments about Steve-O from Facebook.

Your chin has more hair than your head, however, the lighting makes your head shine

I like your sweater, but that face gave me a de-rection.

SLOTH & I like your food!

 That quesadilla looks good, but that bald head does not(what is up with those stragglers?!) have you considered shaving your head?

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