The Llama Emoji is Coming & My Life is Complete!


After all the years or wishing, hoping and writing strongly worded emails, my dreams are coming true! There is a llama emoji!

The wonderful people at Emojipedia just released 157 new emoji, which isn't just great news for me, but gingers & people who like pirate flags. However, we're not here to talk about that. Let's focus on what's important. Llamas.

Llamas are beautiful, loving creatures. They are cute and cuddly and adorable and contrary to popular believe, man's best friend. 

Here I am with my best friend, Zendaya. 

And here I am, living my best life, in a herd of llamas.

Are you ready for it!? 

Let me present to you, The Llama Emoji!

Isn't it cute!? <3

Here is a video of the new emojis if you need more to be excited about.

Waiting for that new update like...

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