As You Read this There's a Spaceman in a Tesla Floating Towards Mars

At 3:45 CST Space X's Falcon Heavy, a 230 foot rocket blasted off.  What was different about the launch, a TON.  Take a moment to wrap your head around the idea that this reusable rocket cost $90 million dollars just to launch and its cargo?  Elon Musk's personal Tesla and a spaceman that will hopefully take a trip to Mars.  

The two boosters landing back in Florida after slinging "the package" out of our atmosphere are easily my favorite part and the type of thing you only see in movies. (want to hear me scream like a little kid, watch me watching the launch on Facebook Live) 

Generally speaking, the launch was a huge success but the only bad news is when the Center Core missed the drone ship hitting the ocean at 300 mph.  

So much happened during the launch, another amazing part, the cameras on the Tesla on its way to Mars (unless there's a problem which could cause the Tesla to burn up in our atmosphere).

Want to have your mind blown?  Watch the Starman slowly (not really, it's traveling at 10,000+ kmh) in the video below.  

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