MAJOR Game Of Thrones Season 8 Spoiler!

SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned. 

If you are part of the 8% of the population who doesn't LIVE for Game of Thrones, you can just stop reading now.

However, if you, like me, are obsessed with the HBO show and don't mind a spoiler or two, this is for you! 

We all felt pain when it was announced that Season 8 wouldn't air until 2019 with only SIX episodes (RIP me), but now it looks like fans of the show might be in for even more heartbreak when the highly anticipated finale season finally airs. 

The lovely people at Watchers on the Wall are attempting to keep us up to date with what's happening in Westeros during the break and their latest update is rather upsetting. 

Winterfell is burning.

We're not just talking a causal little burn here people. This isn't a cute girly fire. WINTERFELL IS BURNING TO THE GROUND AND I AM NOT OK.

"As one may expect, this wasn’t just a random fire but part of a major battle sequence which included around 400 or 500 extras"

oh. my. god.

I think it's safe to say that even with only six episodes, the final season of the hit show will be EPIC.

Now back to waiting...

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