WATCH: Horrifying Video Of Ursula's Head Falling Off During Ride!

Going to Disney is supposed to be the most magical experience of your life, not the most traumatizing!

Twitter user @dizzzymissy was in Disney with her brother when they experienced what is, quite possibly, the most horrifying experience to date - Ursula the sea monster's head dangling from her body. HARD PASS.

What's worse, the sea monster's animatronic body was still working and 'singing'... I've never been more disturbed.

Watch the video below!

The visitor said that right after the ride ended, “we were ushered out along with everyone else, and the employees looked very concerned. Many people had seen Ursula decapitated, including kids who understandably were upset.”

“It was a pretty freaky thing to see,” she said.

...Yeah, you think?? 

Read her full interview on Huffington Post.

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