The First Super Bowl Celebrity Spotting is a HUGE One in Excelsior

***Revision Five Minute after this was originally posted******


Just when you think you've gotten some amazing see this!  I had blogged earlier that BONO was in town well I guess I was wrong because it was really just a guy named Chad.  Well played Chad, well played.  

Here's my original story.

Some of the biggest names in music, business and sports will all be converging on the Twin Cities this week.  Personally, I was out on Friday for the NFL experience and saw Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis  and Idina Menzel which was no surprise since it was expected. 

If you were in Excelsior on Friday evening and you just happened to walk into Jake O'Connors then you may have spotted Bono.  Yeah, that Bono!  

A few people even tweeted about seeing him. 

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