Steve-O's Wknd In Five Pics: Super Bowl LIVE and Polar Plunge

I was outside more this weekend than I've been in the last two months but it's for great reasons.  If you didn't know, Super Bowl is here this year and our family went down to see Idina Menzel sing "Let it Go". Nicollet Mall looks pretty amazing and I was back there on Sunday morning and got to skip the lines and see everything and not wait in lines just to stand in a snow globe.

Side note. If you're going to NFL Live on Nicollet save your self some trouble and if you park downtown, park in one of the Target center ramps and walk, it's way cheaper.  Activities...there are some, it's kind of like going to an art fair but a little better with more food and WAY more booze.  

Selfie with the Ice numerals.

Saturday I spent a bunch of time at the very first Special Olympics Polar Plunge of the season in White Bear Lake.  It was another awesome plunge but the highlight was getting to ride the fan boat thingy (technical name) with the Ramsey County Sheriff's department and was it awesome? yes, yes it was. 

Isaac "modeling" the fan boat.

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