Must Read: Open Letter About Eagles Fans from Minnesota Transplant

A lifelong Vikings fans who now lives in Kentucky wrote an open letter confirming that Eagles fans are the WORST. 

I am a lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan. I have lived in Kentucky for the past 40 years but am a Vikings season-ticket holder. Forty-two years ago, when I was 7, my family lived in Rochester, Minn., and my father took me to a Vikings playoff game. I have been a fan ever since

Having lived in Kentucky for so long, we are used to — and proud of — Southern hospitality. We often comment on how the people in Kentucky have never met a stranger. However, I can honestly say that “Minnesota Nice” is as good as it gets. The people of Minnesota should be proud of how they conduct themselves with class, character and friendliness.

After the Vikings beat the Saints, my father and I decided to go to Philadelphia the following week for the NFC Championship Game. It turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made — and it had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. I witnessed, and experienced, the rudest, most obnoxious and violent behavior I have ever seen at a sporting event.

Read the entire letter from the Star Tribune 

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