Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: Six Year-Olds First Wild Game & MN Miracle

The big highlight of my weekend was taking my six-year-old, Isaac to his very first Wild hockey game at Xcel Energy Center.  It was a blast, the Wild won, we were lucky enough to have great seats and overall a great experience. We aren't a hockey family but after going to the game I'm sure if I fanned it he would get the bug that a lot of kids have when it comes to hockey. 

A bonus of going to the game was getting to see a friend I haven't seen 16 years named Kevin.  He and I went to church together, he was a grade below me in high school and it's funny because even after all that time and with the help of Facebook we basically know almost everything about each other.  Just not in person.  Here's Kevin and I with an appearance by Isaac who at this point was freezing.  

The surprise highlight which could have easily been the lowlight was the Vikings squeaking out a win on Sunday afternoon.  We like everyone in the world were left SCREAMING when Diggs caught the ball and ran it into the end zone.  It was incredible.  Here are two pictures from during the game which pretty accurately represents what we were up too. 

Kristy and Isaac take a picture during halftime
Murray on our bed in a Vikings hat

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