Proof Katy Perry appears in Taylor Swift's End Game Music Video!

This morning Taylor Swift released the trailer for her new music video for End Game!

A few weeks ago, while Taylor was in Miami filming for the video, pictures surfaced on social media of a person who looks A LOT like Katy Perry with someone who looks A LOT like Taylor Swift on a yacht.

Now that we officially have a trailer for End Game, let's compare evidence!

1st - Please notice the picture of possible Katy and Taylor from twitter on the right and the screen shot from the trailer of Taylor & Future on the Left. That black top and and pants looks suspiciously similar...

2nd - If the outfit match wasn't enough for you, please observe 'Katy' sitting on what appears to be a wooden bench. Now look below at the screen shot from End Game and see that the bench is in fact a pool!!

3rd - And if the pool wasn't enough, if we zoom in on the screen shot of the trailer the person in the back corner is dressed exactly the same as 'Katy'!

What do you think??

Find out tonight when Taylor drops her new video for End Game at 12am ET/ 11pm CT!

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