Jenny's Trip to California in 9 Random Pictures!

For Christmas this year my sisters and I decided we should go on a trip with my mom so we decided to head out to California and take her to the Rose Parade.  She owns her own landscaping company so it was the perfect gift for her. 

We started our trip in San Francisco.  My flight got in 16 hours before my family so I explored on my own.  I did a solo hike in Tennessee Valley Beach.  My phone died right when I got to the top so this is only from about halfway up. 

I wandered the city after my hike and made it to a beach right when the sun was setting.  There were a ton of people surfing (you might be able to see some heads popping out of the water) and I've never seen anyone surf before so I just sat on the beach and watched then catch some waves.
The second day we did all the San Fran touristy things.  These are the 'Painted Ladies'.

We went to Fisherman's Wharf and were thoroughly entertained by the sea lions for a solid 30 minutes.  They really are funny creatures.

Here's the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End Labyrinth.

The sun was going down right when we got to the top so of course I forced my sister to take some "plandid" shots of me.

The next day we drove down to LA.  We went to Santa Monica Pier and it was so foggy you could barely see 30 feet in front of you.  Kind of a let-down but at the same time cool to see.

The last full day was the Rose Parade.  There were SO many cool floats but this was one of my favorites!

We also did the Warner Brother's Studio Tour. It was so much cooler than I thought and I learned some very interesting things thanks to our awesome tour guide, Nick!  Like, did you know that The Walking Dead creates the sound effects of bones cracking by hitting frozen celery sticks together? Well, now you do!

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