Wknd in Five Pictures (Thanksgiving and Crying on Santa's Lap)

Had a pretty solid but busy Thanksgiving weekend.  The big day, Thursday ended up going really well, fried a turkey and the house is still standing.  Used the amazing weather to hang Christmas lights which I'll brag and say that we really outdid ourselves.  Here's a pic of our kids Thursday morning when we turned on the TV to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. 

Here's the family on Saturday, we were invited to a roller skating party with Falen, it was like riding a bike.  See Falen's pictures from the weekend for the best picture from our afternoon at Skateville. 

Went out Saturday night for my friend Mike's birthday with the evening ending at a super small bar signing Rich Astley to maybe 30 people.  This is actually a shot of me singing 'The Power of Love"...I wish you could hear my angelic voice.


We also went to see the new Disney movie, "Coco" over the weekend, afterwards, we went to see Santa at Ridgedale Center.  My kids are pros when it comes to seeing St. Nick but our friends 11 month-old had the reaction you expect the first time you meet Santa it's still HILARIOUS!

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