Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures (Trip Home to Western NY)

Friday evening, while most were in-bed I was 'stretching out' in the last row of a direct flight from MSP to ROC that ended up being 90 minutes late due to engine troubles.  The weekend that followed was honestly a blur but I laughed so hard I cried. I went to Rochester to hang with my best friend, Seth, his fiance Kelly and our friend Trevor.    

Seth and I Saturday afternoon.

Landed Friday night and right away the fun began with us meeting up with a friend and staying up until 4 am.  This is something I haven't done for years and the best part was there were no kids in the house so I was able to sleep until noon. 

Seth moved to a neighbourhood in Rochester,NY that's known for old houses, block and blocks of em from when Rochester was booming.  Seth house was build in 1897, he and his fiance live on the main floor but like a lot of houses around there, he also has people renting the second and third floors. The thing I like about the area is the character, his house has a normal paint job but two houses down the house is pink, the one next to that is bright yellow. I like that everything isn't the same, it has a lot of character.  

Seth's house

Rochester has changed a lot in the last ten years, there's some good but there's a lot of this, cool old buildings that sit empty. Back before my time, this was a pretty popular theatre near downtown that turned into a store that showed and ended up selling adult movies/toys. 

Monroe Ave Theater

We were up early on Sunday to drive the hour from Rochester to Buffalo to watch the Buffalo Bills get SMOKED by the New Orleans Saints.  My sister, Janine has season tickets and was a major reason I wanted to go to the game, she and her friends tailgate before each game and it's usually pretty incredible. The theme for this game, New Orleans Style Thanksgiving, she made cajun style fried turkey, alligator stuffing and crawfish gravy which sounds super strange but it was amazing.  

Janine and I before the game

The game was horrible, the only highlight was the streaker who jumped on the field during the final minutes of the game that we missed because we were disgusted at how poorly the Bills were playing.  Another fun side note, the tailgating experience in Buffalo has changed, it's now more like a frat party than tailgating.  I was talking with my parents to see maybe I was crazy and maybe it's me seeing that sort of stuff from a different perspective but nope, they said it's become a drunken disaster. 

How do I know it's more of a drunken disaster.  Headline from Sunday's game.  

Orchard Park Police report man set on fire, pedestrians hit on Bills game day

After leaving the game went back to my sister's to see her new house, had a CLAMS for dinner (3 dozen because I'm on vacation and yes, dipped ALL OF THEM in butter).  After dinner did something which hasn't happened in 15+ years, had my mom and dad drive me home (to my friends Seth's house).  

Overall it was a great weekend at home with friends.  

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