Dave, Falen and Steve Create a Song Using the Taylor Swift Song Generator

After filling in a form that feels like it lasts forever, here's the original song it generated for us along with Steve-O peforming it during the show.


This Love is Thrifty But It's Brave

By Dave Ryan

In the style of Taylor Swift

We were both tall when I first saw you.

You do the dishes and the flashback starts:

Chicago is where I'm standing in the Fall air.

What are you doing with that new lover?

Who wears that kind top,When I wear an obedient shoe

,Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find

That what you're looking for is my reverant arms.

So this is me running, 

Standing in front of you saying, "Harder!"

And I go back to Fall all the time.

It turns out freedom ain't nothing but bathing quickly,

Wishing I'd realized your eyes are blue.

I'd go back to Fall, turn around and do some hiking.

I go back to Fall quite often.

Sweetie, let's do some catching,

This love is thrifty but it's brave.

It's a love story, sweetie, Just be my clean puppy.

We are never ever ever going to try laughing happily together,

We are never ever ever going to try laughing happily together,

You go talk to your sister, talk to my mother, talk to me,

But we are never ever ever ever going to try laughing happily together

Just coughing secretly forever.

harder sweetie, harder.

Here's the link to generate your own song.

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