Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pics: It's Fun to Pick on Kate Raddatz

Daylight savings time, ballet rehearsal with my daughter and moving the lawn one last time were just some of the thing that kept me busy this weekend. It was another weekend living in the suburbs and the kids waking up at 5:30am. This picture was taken on Sunday morning, super early because Isaac really wanted to be one of my five pictures from the weekend.

Isaac asked to be on my blog.

Anyway, sure, daylight savings time may have sucked at the end of the weekend but that didn't matter because I got to do something really fun on Friday...heckle Kate Raddatz.

Falen works with an amazing animal charity called Pause for Paws and their annual gala was over the weekend and I got to be a blackjack dealer before the main event.  It was a lot of fun but my favorite thing to do is just listen to Kate who was on the table next to me dealing WAR.

Have you heard of War?  It's the easiest card game ever, my six year-old son, Isaac understands the concept well our friend Kate, bless her heart struggled with its simplicity so I used it as an opportunity to heckle.  

Steve-O dealing blackjack

After the card game Kate, Alicia Lewis from Minnesota's Own KARE 11 (I can't say KARE 11 without including 'Minnesota's Own') and one of Alicia's friends went down to Tuggs but again Kate didn't make it to the bar without stopping so we could all get a marvelous photo the of the skyline.  

Kate stopping all of us to snap a picture
Artsy pic of the Minneapolis Skyline

This pic is my favorite from Tuggs, I don't know if a better picture has been taken that describes the evening. 

I also finished season 2 of Stranger Things over the weekend which I really liked and got some winter homeowner projects done. This weekend was good, not great but have no fear because the next few weekend are going to be nutty!  Next weekend I'll be In Buffalo, NY and then the weekend after that I have family in-town!  

Have a great week! 

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