Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pictures: Football Fun

It was a HOT weekend in Minnesota and obviously will be the last we'll see of heat until May??? 

Oh GOD!  

Theme of the weekend for me was football and I'll admit poor eating habits because of a birthday party and a Vikings game.  That's not all I did, when not checking out the iHeartradio Music Festival in Vegas my weekend began with the Rogers Royals Homecoming game on Friday evening. 

Another bonus from the weekend, hosted our final Bud Light Rooftop party at Lime Apartments which was an AWESOME time with a lot of people.  Here's a photo from early on. 

The big moment from the weekend was seeing the Vikings game, it was an incredible time and as I type this I'm still stuffed from all the food.  We someone sneaked into the suites and the game was awesome. 

Finally, a photo my wife took over the weekend of Olivia and Kermit.  This is Olivia's "reading window" that Kermit likes to nap on.  Kristy snapped this picture during one of the brief storms on Sunday and it was too good I knew it was something I just had to share. 

Olivia with Kermit on Sunday

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