Steve-O's That's What The Kids Say: Most Popular Teen Slang of 2017

It's a tough job, getting teenagers to talk, using the lingo, making em' feel comfortable but Steve-O did it and came back with a bunch of teen lingo that you gotta hear!

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 AF - This is a bit of a weird one, since it’s never used on its own, but instead adds emphasis to something else. It’s short for “as f**k”, but it’s a cleaner way of saying it, and is a lot less likely to get a teen a scolding by their evil, evil parents!

Example: “Omg, I stayed up to watch "The Bachelor" last night and now I’m tired af.”

Clap back - A snappy comeback. It’s the kind of response where you know exactly what to say to make the other person steam, and it’s the perfect way to win an argument.

Example: “He kept teasing me, but he wasn’t expecting me to clap back!”

Thirsty - This means desperate, impatient, or overly eager. It’s the kind of feeling where you just can’t wait anymore, and a lot of times it’s used when someone greatly desires a relationship or affection from a specific person.

Example: “You see how James acts around Claire? He seems thirsty.”

Shade - Shade is kind of like an insult or a diss. It’s usually used by saying that someone “threw shade” or “is throwing shade,” meaning that you’re putting down someone else, leaving them in the dark, or overshadowing them.

Example: “Kanye just threw shade on Jay-Z on Twitter, this is going to be great.”

Savage - Someone who says something without a filter. If you’re “acting savage” you’re probably being more raw and public with your words or actions than people are comfortable with, though it can also be a compliment if you’re arguing with someone and drop a particularly great insult. It means you don’t care what other people think.

Here's some additional teen slang to help keep you in the know. 

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