Steve-O Five Wknd Pics: Coldplay and a Bud Light Party on Your Roof!

The weekend started with something I was nervous about that ended up going way better than expected.  I hosted a Roof Top Raid with Bud Light on Friday in St. Paul and it was a blast.  It's a simple concept, you can still sign up online and if we pick you we'll come host a party at your apartment either on the roof or by the pool. It's free beer and a great way to meet your neighbors and it was seriously a blast.  Wanna sign up, here's the link.  

The highlight of the first roof top raid was giant Jenga for a case of Bud Light.  It started slow and then people started going crazy it was so much fun.  

Saturday morning and afternoon were spent doing stuff at home, we had been gone in Disney for a week so of course, we had to mow and later I worked on my five-year-old's lego city.  

Saturday night I think everyone I've known in the last 11 years living in Minnesota went to the Coldplay concert.  Chris Martin is just the best, charismatic, cool, fun, you almost wonder how he is just so cool.  Went out to dinner with a few people you may know before the show and had a lot of fun at the show.  US Bank Stadium FYI:  anyone sitting in the section above 200 good luck hearing the show in a way that isn't echoey or muffled.  We bought the tickets in the lower 300 section and it was ROUGH!  Can't imagine what it's like at the very top.  

While I will complain, US Bank Stadium really is an incredible venue, this is a panoramic shot i took right before the show started.

Finally, happy birthday to our baby boy, Charlie who turned one on Sunday.

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