Trip to Florida in Five Pics: Disney, NASA and the Ocean

We did it. We visited the happiest place on earth and survived. We were gone a week and it flew by and I'm pretty sure I lost 10 - 15 lbs of water weight due to the muggy Florida humidity.

A high note for Isaac was meeting Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and BB-8 at Disney's Holywood Studios which was incredible because they use that Disney magic so they talk to you in with the voice.  I wasn't able to get Kylo talking but it was incredible, our experience with some Storm Troopers was pretty similar and really cool.  


A highlight for Olivia was the next day heading to the Magic Kingdom and having lunch with Disney Princesses at Cinderellas castle.  

Aerial from the Little Mermaid

We ended up spending two days at Magic Kingdom and after being warned to leave in the middle of the day the heat came back to bite us in the butt.  We went to see the fireworks during our first night at magic kingdom which were simply amazing.  Here's just a bit of it which was amazing.  

We also visited Kennedy Space center which was so awesome even if you aren't a big space nerd you get to see some amazing stuff including the Saturn V Rocket which as you can see only the boosters fit in the shot.  They take you all around the campus and one of the coolest parts is see Space X up close who tests rockets all the time.  


Another big moment for Kristy was taking the kids to the ocean, they'd never seen it in person and loved playing and collecting sea shells.  

Sea shells

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