Burger Lovers, Here's Four Ways to Make Your Burger Healthier

Kraut up your burger - The probiotics in sauerkraut add flavor and are a good source of probiotics, so it’s good for your gut health. Just make sure to get one that’s not pasteurized so it has the helpful bacteria in it.

Lighten up the bun - Registered dietitian Natalie Rizzo says the bun adds from 150 to 200 calories to your 400-plus calorie burger. So trade the bread for a lettuce wrap to save calories and add in some nutrients.

Opt for mini burgers - Having sliders will give you all the taste you want without the overstuffed feeling you get after eating a huge burger.

Serve a power side - Have a lentil salad, roasted chickpeas, or black beans with your burger because these starches help lower the risk for colon cancer that’s linked to eating lots of red meat.

Here are a few other ways to make your burger healthier.

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