Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: My Kids Soccer Team Won a Trophy

Weekend started like most others, by putting myself into a situation where I question my own sanity.  Case in point, going to Children's Museum of Minnesota in the middle of the day during summer vaca.  The new museum is great but on a Friday, trying to keep track of your kids is rough.

Coached my almost eight year-olds team to a first place victory which is amazing because the team we beat had beat us a few weeks earlier 7-0. 

We also went to see fireworks on Saturday where I waited in line for a drink for 45 minutes and I'll save you from pics of the fireworks because I know you don't care.  

I ended up also taking off Monday so I could stay at home and work on a few projects because we're having a birthday party for our daughter on Thursday and have a huge list of things to do.  

Here's what I'm working on in our backyard, it's an under deck lattice storage.  I'll answer the question for you, Dave, NO, I don't have/need a permit. 

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