There's Oscar Buzz For a Movie about a Movie and it's Fascinating

The Disaster Artist is a book and now a movie starring James and Dave Franco along with Seth Rogen about the worst movie ever.  Let's be clear, it isn't one of those movies that so bad it's good, nope, this movie is just bad but it's now a cult classic that people LOVE.  Take a moment and watch some of the movies "highlights" it's just strange and most people can't agree with why it fascinates them. 

The history of the movie and why people love it is fascinating and this video from VOX is perfect! 

The star/writer of the movie is a strange character in real life, he seems to almost be an alien from another planet because they say everything is wrong with this movie and it's so bad a St. Cloud University professor called it the "Citizen Kane of bad movies".

Watch the story behind the POS and be ready to be fascinated at just how bad it is.   

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