Steve-O Wknd Five Pics: Crosslake Cabin Adventure

We take the trip once a year to Cross Lake for "kids weekend" which started as a weekend of excess with us drinking and eating too much, being up too late, etc. This is still the goal for the weekend but the limits are definitely not pushed as much as they were in the past.  

View from the beach

We spent Friday and Saturday on the sand bar near Denny Heckers old house and it was a blast.  There was probably 50 boats tied up in the middle of the cove we were in, water was between knee and waiste deep and it's the perfect spot for me to burn...oh yeah, Friday I was stupid and skipped the sun block.  POOR choice.  

Horrible burn
Sandbar on Cross Lake

We went out on Saturday night, Friday I went to bed at 10pm.  I say these are the best stairs in Northern Minnesota because as you walk down them you know that it's gonna be a party.  Next time you're in the bar tell the owner I said hi, we call her Cheese Pizza and I'm sure if you ask she'll tell you why....

Stairs at Moonlight Bay

On the way home stopped to get our pic with babe the blue ox.  

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