Is Forcing Your Kids To Eat Breakfast A Form Of Child Abuse?

It's been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but according to one biochemist, forcing kids to eat breakfast is a form of child abuse.

Oxford Professor Terence Kealey suggests parents shouldn't force their little ones to eat breakfast. "I would let the kids decide for themselves if they want breakfast," said Kealey. "Lots of kids don't want to eat breakfast. If you're worried, give them an apple or something, but the idea that you should force them to eat breakfast is a form of child abuse."

Kealey has type 2 diabetes, so he thinks forcing your child to eat when they don't want to could put them at risk for the condition.

Raven's take: Asking a kid to eat some oatmeal hardly seems abusive. Plus, kids might not be ready to eat when they head out the door at 7 a.m., but when their tummy starts rumbling at 9 a.m., they don't have the luxury of eating in class. Go ahead, coax your kids into eating breakfast if you think it's best.

Source: The Stir; photo: Getty Images

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