Video Proves JC Is a WAY Better Singer Than Justin Timberlake

We got this email from a listener who wonders how Justin Timberlake went on to be such a big star, when JC Chasez didn't, when JC is a better singer.

Here's the email.  Be sure to watch the video to see if you agree.

Dave, Falen & Steve, I love listening to you all and never miss a podcast - you are definitely help brighten the daily grind each week. I'm writing about something that's been bumming me out a bit over the weekend.  It's pretty random and ridiculous to be concerned about and I'm about 10 years late to the party to be worrying about this one, but still thought it would be right up your alley.   

Lately I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for the boy band music of my high school days so I've been listening to a lot of N Sync (sorry Dave, they'll always win over BSB for me). The more I've listened, I've been reminded of something...I really loved JC. But now I have to google to find out what happened to him while JT is a boba fide icon.  

I definitely love Justin and can't deny his talent, but looking back at some of their old performances I realized that JC really had the better voice, danced just as well if not better than Justin, and in my opinion was at least as hot. In a lot of their best songs they traded vocals back and forth so it didn't feel like there was one clear lead. 

So what happened? I guess Justin somehow has more of an it factor, made some better choices and did things like Punk'd and Dick in a Box while JC did...nothing as visible? In any case it bums me out a bit that nothing happened for him. Any empathy on this one or am I nuts? It makes you wonder if any of the 1D guys will have a Dick in the Box moment to help keep them relevant or if we'll be googling them in 10 years?

Here's a video that Buzzfeed used to argue JC has the better voice:

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