URGENT: If you see this incredibly aggressive SUPER VIRUS come into your inbox via email, DELETE IT RIGHT AWAY!

You might have already seen this pile into your email inbox and hopefully you haven't clicked through the included link.

A incredibly aggressive SPAM message is circulating the Internet at an extremely high rate of speed today and it is being masked as something that many people use everyday. The message will likely come from someone that is already in your email address book and will have a subject line similar to the one below...

"John Doe has shared a document on Google Docs with you..."

While it looks like it's coming in from a friendly person, looking deeper you'll note that the actual email address it's coming from is something similar to this...


The message is a phishing scheme that will take you to a dummy site, likely infect your computer with a virus and will send out a similar message to everybody in your address book, this time claiming that YOU are sending a shared document in Google Docs.

Here is what an example looks like...

Do yourself a favor, don't click the link and delete the message right away. Also, please share this message with your friends to help prevent them from falling into this same trap.

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