Why It's Okay To Choose Your Career Over A Dating Relationship

Singleness is rarely celebrated, but what if the lack of a dating relationship helps to advance your career?

"If anything, expanding my work horizons is one way to gain entry into bigger and better dating pools," says Clem Bastow in "I Chose My Career Over Dating Because It's Hard To Do Both," an essay published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Bastow explains you have more self-focused goals in mind (which, despite popular belief, is a good thing) when you're career-focused. Whereas, when you're in a relationship, it's easy to focus on paying bills, listening to your partner and doing things that will benefit the two of you together.

“My work offered the possibility of creative fulfillment," Bastow adds. "Dating only offered the possibility of a relationship that may or may not go the distance.”

So go after your career goals. There's much to gain from focusing on yourself and your career. The relationship will come later.

SourceSydney Morning Herald; photo: Getty Images

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