First Video From Paisley Park the Day Prince Died

I remember that day so well.

I came home from work around noon and a friend of mine texted me asking if Prince died.

Of course, I thought it was some awful rumor so I wrote back that no, I hadn't heard that.  Then I started checking online and yes, the rumors were running rampant.  

I was about to take a nap and my wife said, "Why don't you go over there and see what's going on?"  I thought that would be really rude and tasteless, but something made me agree to go.  I only live a mile from Paisley Park, so I figured I'd drive by, see if there's anything I could find out and let people know via social media.

Later that day, it became chaotic as dozens of news trucks and hundreds of cameras were set up outside Paisley Park as the story circulated worldwide.  Hundreds of people gathered outside his studio, and famously, put flowers, posters and other tributes in his fence.

But this video was shot before the world knew.  Before anyone had confirmed that yes, Prince had died.  The road hasn't been closed yet, and most people hadn't even heard the rumors yet.  It's only 9 seconds long, but it's very somber, knowing what we all found out just a few minutes after I shot this.

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