Here's Why It's Actually Not Good To Receive A Big Tax Refund Every Year

We should all adjust our withholding so that, next year, we're not getting refunds, according to Bankrate.

Here's why: when you receive a tax refund, it's usually because the federal government withheld too much money from your paycheck, and had you had a little more money in your pocket during the year, you could've 1) avoided using your credit card and 2) deposited the money into a retirement account.

"Adjust your paycheck withholding so that extra money lands in your hands every  payday instead of Uncle Sam's," says Bankrate's chief financial analyst Greg McBride. "But the next step is even  more important – use that extra money to increase your 401(k)  contribution or have this direct deposited into your IRA."

Source: Bankrate; photo: Flickr

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