Del Toro, the perfect selfie, throwback pics | Mike's weekend in 5 pics 3/31-4/2

My best friend Richard came up to Minneapolis to visit this weekend, along with his sister and nephew. 

On Friday we went to check out the Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Falen tagged along! I knew Richard and his sister would absolutely love it! The exhibit showcases some real-life characters from his movies and paintings, drawings and other inspirations for his art. 

On Saturday, Richard and his sister and I went to Surly brewery to have a few beverages, hang out by the fire pits and listen to the live band rock out! I forget their names, but they were incredible!

Later that night, we hit up The Saloon to check out the show and dance a little bit. While we were sitting there, Falen and I spent an abnormal amount of time trying to take the perfect selfie. When Falen held the phone, I thought I looked great; when I held the phone, she loved the way she looked, but I didn't! 

At some point this weekend, my brother was going through a bunch of old boxes of stuff and started texting me pic after pic of random nostalgic stuff from our childhood. Here's a pic of me in my teens/early 20s dancing with my mom. 

Sunday morning, before Richard and his sister and nephew left, we met up for brunch at Keys at the Foshay. Delicious as always! 

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