Mall of America introduces new "texting lanes" for when you get distracted by all those messages

Today (Friday 3/31), Mall of America announced the introduction of "texting lanes" that will be available around MOA. 

Extensive research and a mounting pile of incident reports helped us identify an ongoing problem. Texting or using a using a mobile device while walking dramatically increases the risk of injury and the rate of customer complaints at Mall of America.

Designed with your safety in mind, these texting lanes—clearly marked in our corridors—are the perfect place for you multitasking masters to dive into your device in peace.

According to Mall of America's website, here are the "rules" for using the texting lanes:

  1. Feel the buzz of a text while you’re walking through the Mall? Simply step to the right into the texting lane before you respond.
  2. If the person in front of you is moving at a slower pace than you desire, pass on the left.
  3. Please continue to move at a natural pace while inside the lane. If you need to stop for a photo or spell check, please step to your right side.
  4. When you finish your message, feel free to re-enter the full avenue.
  5. If you’re still reading this, don’t take us too seriously.

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